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from NC Nano - Week of December 10, 2003


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Featured Event - Bay Area Nano Forum

Featured Book - National Security and Homeland Security

Featured Nano Technology Tool - Teraflop Supercomputer on a Desktop

Featured Nanotechnology Course - Nanotechnology 101 - comprehensive survey course

Week of Nano News in Review

Upcoming Nano Events

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Featured Event

Bay Area Nano Forum Event at NASA Ames - On Monday December 15, 2003 from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. The Bay Area Nano Forum along with the Northern California Nanotechnology Initiative and hosts NASA Ames Research Center and USA Representative Anna Eshoo, USA Representative Zoe Lofgren and USA Representative Mike Honda, will hold the "Nanotechnology and Homeland Security Forum.”

On December 3, 2003, President Bush signed the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act into law. The bill gives nanotech a permanent home in the federal government and authorizes nearly $3.7 billion for research and development programs coordinated among several federal agencies.

Leaders from Government, Industry, R&D, Venture Capital & Investment will present the latest developments in nanotechnology and homeland security. Leading companies from the Aerospace, Biotechnology, IT, Defense, and Homeland Security fields will highlight cutting edge research and how they are accessing markets with nanotechnology enabled products. United States Under Secretary of Technology, Phil Bond, Under Secretary Science and Technology Directorate Dr. Charles McQueary from the Department of Homeland Security and other government leaders have been invited to speak.

Leading researchers from NASA Ames Research Center and the associated NASA Research Park, Lawrence Livermore National Lab, Stanford and Berkeley, and such companies as HP, Genencor, and Boeing, and other leading companies, representatives from the venture capital community and government representatives from Department of Homeland Security, DARPA, Department of Defense, Department of Commerce, Representatives of the State of California and others will highlight developments, opportunities, and funding of nanotechnology and how they relate to homeland security.

During the event we will also hold breakout sessions for: roundtable discussions on the Northern California Nanotechnology and Convergence Roadmap, presentations of early stage companies and technologies and various funding opportunities in this field. Copies of Nanotechnology and Homeland Security: New Weapons for New Wars by Daniel Ratner and Mark Ratner will also be given out to some attendees.


Featured Book

Nanotechnology and Homeland Security: New Weapons for New Wars

by Daniel Ratner and Mark Ratner

How nanotechnology will transform the war against terror.

Nanotechnology offers immense potential for fighting terrorism without sacrificing our open, free, and democratic society. This book covers the significant opportunity to use nanotechnology to prevent terrorism and other threats to security as well as mitigate their impact. Co-authored by one of the field's pioneers and featuring remarks from other nanoscience researchers and industry leaders, Nanotechnology and Homeland Security is written for every educated citizen who wants to understand the weapons of choice in the battle of our generation.


Featured Nano Technology Tool

Nanotechnology modeling and simulation, along with bioinformatics and biotechnology and pharmaceutical drug discovery, requires tremendous computing power. A new disruptive technology company provides a breakthrough microprocessor accelerator chip to take on these computing challenges. The chips, embedded or on PCI cards can turn a cluster or even a single computer into a supercomputer with virtually no power increase. The chips and cards are available now - especially for customers and partners with critical nanotechnology and biotechnology / pharmaceutical applications. To learn more about this revolutionary technology, please contact by email here


Featured Nanotechnology Course

Nanotechnology 101 - comprehensive survey course
Palo Alto, California - December 16 , 2003 - 9:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Lead Instructor:
Meyya Meyyappan, PhD
Director, Center for Nanotechnology
NASA Ames Research Center
Moffett Field, California

This broad survey course covers a range of topics. Starting with unique Nanoscale properties and then discussing various Nano tools such as AFM, STM, Processing technologies (CVD, plasma technologies, etc.) and Modeling and Simulation. The nanomaterial building blocks are then covered, such as CNT, Nanowires, Nano particles, Quantum dots, etc.

Applications in the Electronics, Computing, Data Storage, Materials, Manufacturing, Bio, Health and Medicine and even Energy, Transportation, and National Security are surveyed. Nano Venture Investment and Early Stage company development are also discussed.

This course is designed for anyone seriously trying to understand nanotechnology, nanoscience, and nanobusiness. Venture capitalists, Corporate business development, Research and Development, Lawyers, Analysts, Consultants and other service providers, Press and Government Staff would benefit from the broad coverage of this survey course taught by industry leaders.

For more information or to register click here


Week of Nano News in Review

BAY AREA NANO FORUM EVENT at NASA Ames - On Monday December 15, 2003 from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. the Bay Area Nano Forum along with the Northern California Nanotechnology Initiative and hosts NASA Ames Research Center and USA Representative Anna Eshoo, USA Representative Zoe Lofgren and USA Representative Mike Honda, will hold the "Nanotechnology and Homeland Security Forum.” -

COMING SUPERTHREAD From Nanofibers - cylindrical molecules of carbon known as nanotubes are the strongest material known, and scientists have now spun yards of thread made of almost 100 percent nanotube. -

IBM Demos New Nanotechnology Method to Build Chip Components - Business Wire (press release) - IBM today announced it is the first to successfully apply a novel approach - in nanotechnology to aid conventional semiconductor processing, potentially - enabling -

US OFFICIAL calls for closer cooperation on nanotechnology EE Times Online (subscription) - deputy director of the National Science Foundation called for closer cooperation between the scientific and engineering research communities on nanotechnology -

NANOTECHNOLOGY process could ease chipmaking, Canada - Monday said they had discovered a nanotechnology self-assembly technique whereby certain types of polymer molecules could organize themselves and help improve -

START-UP lays foundation in nanotechnology Contra Costa Times, CA - Most experts agree that nanotechnology -- usually defined as the creation and manipulation of materials no larger than a billionth of a meter, or 1/100,000th -

MICROELECTRONICS center to receive $4M Austin Business Journal, TX UT joins the foundation's National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network, which provides nanotechnology resources for academic and industry researchers-.

SMALL field of great potential Washington Times, DC Last week, President Bush signed the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development Act, an important measure which should serve as a needed stimulus for -

NANO Frenzy Motley Fool (subscription) By Motley Fool Staff December 9, 2003. Have you heard of nanotechnology? It's a fascinating new technology that's piqued the interest of many people-.

GYRO MARKET grows for auto, military - Dec. 8, 2003 – Revenues for MEMS gyros are expected to grow by more than $100 million in the next four years based on their ability to sense and measure rotational motion in automotive and military applications, according to a new report. –

NANOTECH ETHICS debated - Scientists seek to avoid 'mistakes' of genetic engineering and stem cell - ARLINGTON, VA—Scientists, engineers, and government officials must confront head-on the ethical and societal implications of nanoscience and nanotechnology   -

INTEL scientists find wall for Moore's Law – Moore's Law, as chip manufacturers generally refer to it today, is coming to an end, according to a recent research paper.   -

BIOCHIP puts it all together - Scientists are working to make minuscule chemistry labs for many uses. Labs-on-a-chip promise to detect and analyze microorganisms and chemicals in the field, are potentially much faster and cheaper than today's testing methods, and could enable new types of analysis.

TINY "NANOFINGERS" to support sensors, other applications - COLUMBUS, Ohio -- Future sensors may take the form of microscopic finger-like structures developed at Ohio State University. -

NANOSYS: Nanotechnology May Change Lives - The Porterville Recorder, CA - Most experts agree that nanotechnology   usually defined as the creation - and manipulation of materials no larger than a billionth of a meter, or - 1/100,000th -

NANOTECHNOLOGY firm readies market - Jackson Clarion Ledger, MS - Most experts agree that nanotechnology — usually defined as the creation - and manipulation of materials no larger than a billionth of a meter, or - 1/100,000th -

EXPERTS say nanotechnology needs nurturing - Fort Worth Star Telegram, TX - DENTON _ The United States risks losing its position as the global leader - in nanotechnology unless the field gets more funding, more scholars and - better -

REGION'S Nanotechnology Activities to be Showcased at   - PrimeZone (press release) - 5, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- The region's nanotechnology activities will be prominently - showcased at the upcoming NanoCommerce 2003 conference in Chicago, IL - -  

BUSH Signs Nanotechnology Bill - - President Bush signed the 21st Century Nanotechnology Research and Development - Act Wednesday, authorizing $3.7 billion over the next four years for the - -

NORTH TEXAS could be center of nanotechnology research - WFAA (subscription), TX - Under high pressure, in an environment of pure nitrogen, University of - North Texas scientists explore the potential of nanotechnology - minute - machines -

CORNELL leads the way in nanotechnology research - News 10 Now, United States - Ithaca's Cornell University is a world leader in the field of nanotechnology - - a branch of science that has been gracing many headlines this week. - -

NEW funding could boost Bay nanotechnology sector -, United States - President Bush signed a bill Wednesday to invest $3.7 billion for research - in nanotechnology, the science of building electronic circuits and other - devices -

A DEFINITION of nanotechnology - Tryon Daily Bulletin, NC - them together the way you'd like. In the future, nanotechnology will - let us take off the boxing gloves. We'll be able to snap together -

BUSH Signs Nanotechnology Research Bill - Newsday - WASHINGTON -- President Bush signed a bill Wednesday to invest $3.7 billion - for work in nanotechnology, the science of building electronic circuits - and devices -,0,5318155.story?coll=sns-ap-politics-headlines

NEWLY Issued Patent Broadens Proprietary Position in   - The T Sector, CA - This patent is the parent of a series of pending patent applications - that significantly broaden Nanogen's proprietary position in the nanotechnology - and -

NANOTECHNOLOGY: Are Molecular Assemblers Possible? - Slashdot - Roland Piquepaille writes "Two experts in the field of nanotechnology, - K. Eric Drexler, Ph.D., cofounder of the Foresight Institute in Palo Alto, - Calif., and -

FACT Sheet: President Bush Signs the 21st Century Nanotechnology   - (press release) - Nanotechnology is the ability to work at the atomic and molecular levels, - corresponding to lengths of approximately 1 -- 100 nanometers, or 1/100,000th - the -

NANOTECHNOLOGY hurdle not so worrisome, thanks to Indiana   - Innovations-Report, Germany - According to the classic rules of physics, substances melt at a lower temperature - when their sizes decrease. But scientists at Indiana -  

DUPONT-LED Scientists Unveil Key Nanotechnology Discovery with   - PRNewswire (press release) - This research in the emerging field of nanotechnology appears in the - current issue of the journal Science, which is published by the AAAS -- - the world's -,+09:08+AM

NANOTECHNOLOGY center causing controversy - Capital News 9, NY - Nanotechnology has emerged as a controversial issue at UAlbany. A heated - meeting by the UAlbany senate on the hot-button issue took place Monday - night. -

EXPERTS debate the future of nanotechnology - EurekAlert, DC - Two giants in the field of nanotechnology face off in an exclusive point-counterpoint - debate about the future of this burgeoning field of science in the Dec. - -

NANOSENSORS' niche in nanotechnology -, DC - Nevertheless, Frost and Sullivan ( projects that nanotechnology-based - detectors, biosensors and transducers will be commercially available before - 2007 -

APPLIED NanoWorks Announces Exclusive Nanotechnology Agreement   - Business Wire (press release) - Applied NanoWorks, Inc. today announced the successful completion of exclusive - global licensing rights to two patent-pending nanotechnologies -

NANOTECHNOLOGY: EU builds global leadership with comprehensive,   - Categorynet (Communiqués de presse), France - to alternate between dedicated press events and main programme keynotes - with leading scientists, entrepreneurs and policy makers in the field - of nanotechnology -

HOW safe is nanotechnology? - Daily Yomiuri, Japan - Although nanotechnology is said to have the potential to drastically alter - 21st-century society, there must be a thorough assessment of the risks - nanomaterials -

A NATION'S FOUNDING ARCHITECT FINDS SMALL BLUEPRINTS FOR THE   - Small Times - opposition Labor Party. Recently, he's also been busy promoting a little - something for his country's future: nanotechnology. While he -

NANOTECH researchers seek chip-making applications - EE Times UK, UK - DRESDEN, Germany - Researchers at a nanotechnology symposium here said - they are attempting to use the technology to plug gaps in the roadmap - for future -

PACIFIC Nanotechnology Announces Atomic Force Microscopy   - PRNewswire (press release) - the Molecular Level SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Pacific - Nanotechnology, Inc. (PNI), the global leader in high-performance -,+11:00+AM

NPOINT Secures Second Round of Funding - PRNewswire (press release) - nPoint, a Nanotechnology Company With Roots in the University of Wisconsin, - Receives Funding From Local Sources MADISON, Wis., Nov. -,+09:03+AM

TECHNION scores nanotechnology breakthrough - Jerusalem Post, Israel - A nanoscale transistor that self-assembles instead of having to be painstakingly - put together molecule by molecule has been developed with DNA proteins - by -

NANOTECHNOLOGY - - Small Things for Big Changes - Los Angeles Times (subscription), CA - That is a nano, and nanotechnology is the thing you'll being hearing a - lot about in coming years. The science of working at atomic -,1,5081881.column?coll=la-utilities-business


Upcoming Nano Events



December 15

Bay Area Nano Forum - "Nanotechnology and Homeland Security”

Moffett Field, California USA



January 24 - January 29

Photonics West 2004 BiOS

San Jose, California USA


January 24 - January 29

Photonics West 2004 OPTO

San Jose, California USA


January 24 - January 29

Micromachining and Microfabrication 2004, part of Photonics West

San Jose, California USA


January 25 - January 29

17th IEEE International Conference on Micro Electro Mechanical Systems

The Netherlands



February 1 - February 5

LabAutomation 2004

San Jose, California, USA


February 2 - February 3

IBF's 3rd Annual Nanotech Investing Forum

Rancho Mirage, California USA




March 7 - March 11

2004 Nanotechnology Conference and Trade Show

Boston, Massachusetts USA


March 10 - March 12

1st International Nanofabrication Symposium

Dundalk, Ireland


March 25 - March 26

AMAA 2004

Berlin, Germany



April 4 - April 7

MicroMat 2004: 4th International Conference on Micro Materials and Nano Materials

Berlin, Germany


April 19 - April 24

MicroTechnology / HANNOVER MESSE

Hannover, Germany


April 26 - April 28

MEMS IV: 4th Annual MEMS Technology Seminar

Los Angeles, California USA



May 17 - May 19

NanoBusiness 2004

New York City, New York USA


May 25 - May 27


Nuremberg, Germany


May 26 - May 28


Munich, Germany



June 6 - June 10

2004 Solid-State Sensor, Actuator, and Microsystems Workshop

Hilton Head Island , South Carolina USA


June 6 - June 9

BIO 2004 Annual International Convention

San Francisco, California USA


June 14 - June 16

Actuator 2004

Bremen, Germany


Nanotechnology Surveys

General Nanotechnology Survey:

The Northern California Nanotechnology Initiative, in collaboration with a number of US national laboratories, consulting organizations, and leading researchers from Stanford University, UC Berkeley and UC San Francisco, has developed a survey to study the emerging field nanotechnology and opportunities to be derived from nanotechnology. The survey is customized for each type of respondent whether he or she is a university researcher, venture capitalist, entrepreneur, government official, etc. We would greatly appreciate your participation in the survey and we will be sending a relevant customized report of the results to all interested participants. The results of the survey will assist you to maximize your opportunities (jobs, clients, funding, etc.) in this field. These results will also be useful for better general understanding the field of nanotechnology and how it will effect our careers, lives and future.

We are carrying out this study to have an accurate and quantitative status report on nanotechnology and, additionally, to study people's perceptions of this growing and sometimes controversial field. Your responses for this survey gives you the opportunity to further participate and influence nanotechnology in your region, nationally, and around the world. No individual data or contact data will be released and your personal privacy will be strictly protected.

•  Corporate

•  VC / Other Investor

•  University / Corp / Gov Research

•  Government / Politician

•  Attorney / Service Provider

•  Press / Analyst

•  Other / Individual


High Performance Computing and Nanotechnology Survey:

Take a survey on nano-computing and have access to results.



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