The Northern California Nanotechnology Initiative
, NCnano:

The Northern California Nanotechnology Initiative, NCnano, is an economic development initiative focused on developing the nanotechnology and the nano-bio-IT convergence technology economy of Northern California.

California's preeminence in cutting edge technologies, venture capital, hi-tech industries, and entrepreneurial spirit is positioning the region to develop the leading nanotechnology cluster in the world. The Northern California Nanotechnology Initiative will lead in the formation of this cluster and will facilitate a multidisciplinary approach to develop the biotechnology, molecular electronics, advanced materials and manufacturing technologies that will dominate science and the economy in the 21st century.

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The Northern California Nanotechnology Initiative: Facilitating Economic Development in Northern California by leveraging the world leading R&D institutions of the San Francisco Bay Area - nanotechnology initiatives that will help develop the 21st century economies of the region and the world.

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